Our Story


Hi there, we are BeSetFree, a brand built on a mission to promote healthy, confident and sustainable life style.

We make bras, undies, sexy lingerie, activewear, shape wear and beyond-taking the best elements of quality, high-style and ultimate comfort from each category to develop an assortment to care for your well being-daily, physically and even emotionally.

It's always a problem we solve, one at a time, when lauching a new collection.

As is the case with the premium, comfortable and affordable bras for full-figured ladies.

The versatile and user-friendly shape wear that truly beat perfection whenever you feel like.

The in style and high-quality active wear that pumps you confidence ever. 

For one style to make to our store front, it requires at least 8 steps in testing and verification. Each of our team member needs to personally try and feel the style and vote-as the most skeptical users. Only a 90% win of votes get a green flag.

Everybody, and every body deserves to feel confident, decent and empowered. That's why we start BESETFREE at the first place.

This industry(Fashion and Apparel) as a whole still suck, because a lot of needs are still untapped due to biased perception of beauty. But we as a small brand, are making small leaps to make our part less biased.

May your inner charm BeSetFree!

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For any questions, Email CS@BSFBESETFREE.COM. We will get back to you within one business day.

strong and confident diversified female community